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But as Dunkin' Donuts tries to ditch its time-honored image and expand its customer base beyond the Boston Bruins-loving Afflecks of New England, the sketch nails the challenges that the coffee chain is facing. All the way around, and this gives me the chance to flap wings and fly over ...All my friends say I am communicative, modest, sentiment...However, the "mixing" in question may have occurred before the Bulgars migrated from further east, and scholars such as Sanping Chen have noted analogous groups in Inner Asia, with phonologically similar names, who were frequently described in similar terms: during the 4th Century, the Buluoji (Middle Chinese b'uo-lak-kiei), a component of the "Five Barbarian" groups in Ancient China, were portrayed as both a "mixed race" and "troublemakers".Another theory linking the Bulgars to a Turkic people of Inner Asia has been put forward by Boris Simeonov, who identified them with the Pugu (僕骨; buk/buok kwət; Buqut), a Tiele and/or Toquz Oguz tribe.

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