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Although the definition of active ingredients in Division 2, Part C of the includes APIs and bulk process intermediates (BPI), the present GUI-0104 only applies to APIs.

Guidance on the fabrication, packaging/labelling, testing, distribution, wholesaling, and importation of drugs in dosage form, and BPIs for radiopharmaceutical and biological drugs is provided in the This document has been written with a view to harmonize with GMP standards from other countries and with those of the Pharmaceutical Inspection Cooperation/Scheme (PIC/S), and the International Conference on Harmonisation (ICH).

“Premier has moved away from the ‘fast-follower’ strategy of staying behind the national brand’s every move and now employs its own research based product innovation to enhance the company’s offerings.” Offering store brand products that are unique, or more difficult to find, could keep consumers coming back for more, and might even draw in some new shoppers as consumers recommend these products (and where to find them) to family, friends and colleagues.

This strategy is particularly important as Millennials continue to enter the grocery-shopping scene.

Store brand products were once perceived as items that were meant for consumers looking to pinch pennies, but today’s shoppers are demanding private label programs that offer them savings on products that meet their high-quality standards.

In addition to the present guidelines, a list of further guidance in specific areas related to APIs and API intermediates is provided in Appendix C of this document.

pharmaceutical, radiopharmaceutical, and biological) and those used to manufacture drugs for clinical trials are regulated under the Divisions 1A and 2, Part C of the guidelines, GUI-0104, are designed to facilitate compliance by the regulated industry and to enhance consistency in the application of the regulatory requirements.

It should be noted that these guidelines do not cover safety aspects for the personnel engaged in the fabrication, packaging/labelling, and testing of APIs and intermediates, or aspects of protection of the environment.

Any company that purchased liquid products manufactured by Pharma Tech should immediately quarantine material under their control and contact the local FDA pharmaceutical recall coordinator.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention laboratory testing of Pharma Techs oral liquid docusate detected a strain of B.

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