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” For as long as people have been having sex, they’ve been making up silly euphemisms for the deed. Dating someone who refers to sex by a completely foreign name can lead to momentary awkwardness (and hilarity). When someone lets off a string of euphemisms, synonyms, and/or translations from other languages to emphasize a point. Bum: They just cut to the credits before anything else happened. One of the great myths in Dodgers history is that Jackie Robinson retired rather than play for the team’s nemesis, the New York Giants, after the Dodgers traded him there, seven weeks before his 38th birthday.

Because Variety is an entertainment trade paper, our content necessarily had to make a connection between the Dodgers and Hollywood — but this was far from a limiting concern. next week's show is dodgers-themed, which i'm obviously excited about, especially the feature we are doing on vin scully. PS I'm not looking at the articles unless I just can't find Variety. Is Stults going to be around long enough for it to be worth giving him a DT nickname?

The trade to the Giants wasn’t the last straw that drove him out, but rather an event that confirmed that the decision he had already made was well chosen.

Future considerations is a euphemism used in discussing transactions that usually refers to a small amount of money paid by a team to obtain a player's contract.

Teammates and the public reacted with shock to the news and rallied to his defense, even though Robinson had no intention of reporting.

When the truth finally came out, it was Robinson who caught the brunt of the negative reaction at the time.

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