Windows mobile facebook app not updating

Attempting to open through messenger says something along the lines of failed to load conversations. I then googled the Facebook main page and logged in and created a new shortcut.

Have tried: - Relogging into Facebook - Clearing browser cache/data and reinstalling all browsers - Reinstalling Facebook and messenger mobile app - Logging onto Facebook on different wifi networks - Logging onto Facebook on different devices Any help is appreciated it's important that I get this fixed ASAP thanks in advance. My new shortcut to Facebook is now working fine without the chat problems I had previously.

"Contact information for the Facebook contacts shown will no longer be updated with information from Facebook," notes Microsoft.

If you have a Phone that supports Micro SD card such errors are more common.

It was a unique feature, but due to a recent update to Facebook’s Graph API, Microsoft has been forced to shutdown all of its Facebook Connect features.

In a detailed support article, Microsoft notes that Facebook contact integration in, Windows 8.1, and Windows Phone will no longer work.

With over 1B people using Messenger every month, our team spends countless hours making it the best way to message your friends and family.

One of the ways we continue to improve is by consistently introducing rich features, like voice and video calling, games, and bots for Messenger.

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