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Jinju was the leader and Nada and Da In were the two strongest personalities in the group. As one can hear from the track, the combined voices of the four remaining ones is wholly inadequate.And this is coming from one that loves Wassup to death.When I interact with this bot, is its personality friendly and helpful? It takes the form of a pretty cute little square with a penchant for plaid and being a brand ambassador.I was impressed by the variety of formats in which I was able to ask about features and still get thorough, on-point answers.For some reason, a lot of men get awkward and shy when they think about learning about how to chat with women.

As curator Barbara Pollack describes, the works explore modalities of self-expression “less rooted in nationalism and cultural restrictions, one more open to global influences and transcultural participation.” Chinese contemporary artists such as Lu Yang, Ma Qiusha, Pixy Yikun Liao, or Sun Xun engage their identities in their art, reflecting on the recent transitory nature and changes in identity that have taken place in recent years.Then, take a deep breath, smile, approach the woman of your choice.and talk to her the way you would talk to a friend – nothing more.Documenting an era in which China was just beginning to open its doors to western influences, Wesleyan Zhilka Galley’s “WE CHAT” exhibition pulls from Communist iconography and propaganda to underscore the political climate of the time– juxtaposing past conditions with the present.“WE CHAT”—playing on China’s dominant social media and messenger app that combines Facebook, Instagram and Twitter—engages artists in a dialog surrounding notions of nationality and personal identity.

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