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(Don't bring me down), CRAZY LOVE, and Wrong Number, but they also made room for older dance hits like Rising Sun and Purple Line and remix versions of perennial favorites Hug and Balloons. Micky sang and played the piano himself for his self-composed Love Bye Love.

Xiah Jun Su thrilled audiences by unveiling his self-penned namesake dance number Xiahtic.

He’s a popular guy in school Girls went all screaming when they saw him, but Yoochun has eyes on one woman.

However, when Micky is about to give her the music, he sees her giving a special gift to Sung Min.

In TVXQ’s new drama *DATING ON EARTH* , it was talking about the married life and high school life of a couple .

Micky works for U-Know's family and is also his best friend.

After going through some events, U-Know discovers that his best friend has also fallen for his fiancee and becomes furious, developing a plan to separate the two.

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Con el tiempo Yoochun comienza a ponerse celoso de la atención que Jaejoong recibe por parte de su esposa y más con las situaciones que se presentan.

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