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The local resistance to AQI contributed to the Anbar Awakening, a movement of Sunnis in the Anbar Province to cooperate with. It has also received funding from foreign donors, including the fighters that come to join it, and earned money through crimes like kidnapping and smuggling. June 17, 2014: isis attacked Baji oil field, although the Iraq Army reported that it successfully drove out isis within two to three days of fighting.

The umbrella organization, called Majlis Shura al-Mujahidin (MSC was a collective of six jihadi groups in Iraq that sought to consolidate jihadi efforts to expel. Some Afghanis, including Taliban members, denied that any group had declared support for isis.

When isis determines that it cannot gain money from a hostage, it instead uses the captive as publicity.

Limerick; Cahir Castle, Cashel & Carrisk-on-Suir, Co.

Shirley embraced her passion for writing after retiring from 32 years of nursing.

Her debut novel, The Tower, is an exciting mystery with an Oklahoma backdrop.

Armagh (Early Christian); The White House, Ballyspurge, Co. ‘News: gas pipeline work uncovers early occupation sites in Co. ‘Surprising discoveries in County Tipperary’ [alignment of boulder burials, Reardnogy More, Barnarhu Hill; ring barrow with cist, Toorfiba, nr. Ní Chatháin elected president of RSAI; Millennium Commission & megalith at Strangford Lough, Co.

Science: rickets in nineteenth-century Waterford AI 6, 1, p27], 44, 46. ‘News: ritual landscape through prehistorians' eyes’ [conference report - Prehistoric Society's 60th anniversary conference at UCD: 'interpreting, preserving and managing ritual landscapes], 5. ‘News: Environment and Heritage Service at work’ [Cavanapole, Co. Drumanagh and Roman Ireland AI 10, 1, pp17-19], 45. ‘News Briefs’ [Heritage Council move to Rothe House, Kilkenny; Heritage Council review of Urban Archaeology; P. Tipperary donated to National Monuments Service; Greeks find brothel 91st century BC], 7.

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