Radgrid not updating on postback

Hm, that's strange, as this is not the case here: you change the skin with postback from the dropdown in the top right corner.Also, in case you postback from ajaxified control, make sure the grid is updated on postback as well.

If there are files to upload, the AJAX postback can be disabled during the upload. I also used the Need Data Source event to bind my data, and I do feel it may be related to that.is there a way to use both seamlessly without viewstate?I have a Rad Grid which on Row Click should send a specific value to the server. Codebehind is still the same, just associated with the new Menu.Due to the nature of the page all events are handled Server Side. " Select Command="SELECT kampionati FROM ndeshje (NOLOCK) WHERE ((data > getdate() and ndeshje_id_live IS NULL) OR (data < getdate() AND data_hapjes > getdate() AND ndeshje_id_live IS NOT NULL)) AND bllokuar = '0' AND live = 0 GROUP BY kampionati ORDER by kampionati"" Select Command="SELECT MAX(Home) AS Home, MAX(Away) AS Away FROM ndeshje (NOLOCK) WHERE(Data < getdate() AND data_hapjes > getdate() AND ndeshje_id_live IS NOT null AND live = 1) AND bllokuar = '0' GROUP BY Home, Away ORDER BY Home, Away"Hello jayesh, thank you for replying.

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Run the application, do any changes in database table, and u’ll find, the gridview data will be refreshed regularly at each time-interval specified(10 seconds) without any page-postback.

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