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It includes 12 people arrested as part of the investigation into the Westminster attack in March – all of whom were released without charge.Khalid Masood’s car ramming and stabbing attack, which killed five victims, was followed by the Manchester bombing and London Bridge attack, while counter-terror agencies have foiled five alleged plots.Another 88 people were released on bail pending further investigation and the rest faced alternative action by police.The figure was the highest number on record since data collection started in September 2001.There was no confirmation British special forces were present, but rebel officials confirmed to the Telegraph that they used Tanf as a ‘mobile base’.

“The operation is police-led but the director of special forces is kept in touch with developments and is in touch with his men at all times.” The Ministry of Defence said it would not comment on special forces operations, which have included bolstering police forces following the Manchester and London attacks.

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Islamic State fighters used a car bomb in an attempt to blow their way into the al-Tanf garrison, which has been used by SAS and US special forces to train moderate Syrian rebels.

The blast on Sunday morning was followed by a ground attack by up to 30 IS fighters, but they were beaten back with coalition air strikes.

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