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You can ask her questions, but don’t expect her to ask you anything back. “That wittiness and that toughness come through,” claims Mike Calcagno, director of Cortana’s engineering team.Even without fleshing out the real character, in its early days, when Cortana was unreliable, unhelpful and dumb, people got attached to it.One example of a FBM bot is the New York Times which launched an election bot that covered the last 19 days of the US presidential election.

Well, if you have a chatbot that supports many languages, you already conquered the business world.

This marks an important step in cinemas embracing social media and particularly messaging for creating frictionless transactions, though it is still not without its limitations.

Chatbots (or just ‘bots’) are way of communication on the Messenger platform, where conversations normally take place between you and your human Facebook friends.

Facebook claimed there were over 11,000 bots on Messenger by the middle of this year, from the likes of Burger King, 1-800-FLOWERS, Wall Street Journal, KLM Airlines and Zork.

Most of these are geared towards consumption, whether of goods, service or information.

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