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The will was a lot and I was still young so my mother remarried a guy, he was a relative and owed favors to my dad so eventually he married her so that the money could be protected and there would be a man in the house. I would come back for holidays and my mom would be happy to see me. I never saw him talk too much to my mom or be with her. So I sat down with her in her room and told her to tell me everything.

This was so that the outsiders wouldn't take advantage of my mom. My mom was still gorgeous In the night I slept in my room, Varun in the study and my mom in her room. First she didn't say anything but after a bit of coaxing she told me. He had told her that he didn't have anything in this world.

I would stay at home till I got the call for my first job.

Stand over here and face the bathroom door." I do as she asks as I watch her remove some leather cuffs with ropes attached from a suitcase in the corner of the bathroom. Off to the side, Don Luis's right hand man, MARCO, stands like any right hand, unobtrusive. DON LUIS Ten year old bastards stealing apples from the carts in the market. Cat looks up at a picture on the wall of the family. Mid 40'S, a gentleman, calm, courteous, impeccably dressed. DON LUIS'S GARDEN - DAY At a table, with bottle of liquor and two glasses, Don Luis sits opposite...

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He must of had dozens of girls who loved him – but he was too busy with school and sports to settle on just one.

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