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There’s a scene in one of the trailers that has Ryan Gosling’s Sebastian walking down a pier and whistling, and at first I was like “oh wow, I should hang out at piers more often to meet guys like THAT,” and then I was like “oh no, that is a recipe for DISASTER.” That is only the beginning of my disdain with Sebastian claims he got by the security gate at Warner Bros. On top of that, considering many guys don’t want to drive 10 mins out of their way down The 5, it’s highly unlikely that someone will go out of their way to drive to a studio lot, and then break onto the studio lot. And, don’t even get me started on the non-existent coffee shop that Mia works at on the Warner Bros. From my extensive knowledge of the Warner Bros lot — and the layout of the set — this coffee shop was like, diagonal from Luke’s and next to Miss Patty’s, which Mia and Sebastian then walk by on their stroll around the lot. One of the best song and dance numbers happens during a stroll up to Griffith Observatory, which is completely deserted.IDK if you’ve ever been to Griffith Observatory but it is never NOT packed. Last time I was there, it was just a regular Thursday and I had to park close to a mile away, and I got lucky.

All three of them would be really good at giving advice.

“I wanted to sacrifice humor for caring and generosity.” Her celebrity guests—Seth Rogen, Aubrey Plaza—get in on the therapy sessions, too, offering heartfelt insight to distressed fans. I’ve been Postmating them, so I don’t know where they’re located.

And while Faris admits that is still finding its footing, she’s in the game for the long haul.

Life goes on, deal with it and move on, like I said there's always hope.

Not sure what to expect or what exactly I'm looking for really, but would be nice to be dating again.

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