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The Ministry, Zaitsev complains, thwacking the table for emphasis, has not seen fit to provide him with the minimal trappings of success. Rail as he may, Zaitsev's protests only highlight the fact that he is currently basking in a permissive, even indulgent, climate.

He had envisioned an alabaster studio with white-on-white furnishings. As part of his program of reform, Soviet leader Mikhail S.

Picking up steam, the Dom Modi's artistic director unleashes a tirade against a system he claims has yet to appreciate him. Worse, he has not been supplied with the raw essentials of his craft: not the textiles, nor the linings, not even the buttons or the shoulder pads that underpin a proper collection.

He blames lethargic, indifferent ''functionaries'' for a variety of slights, noting that the Ministry of Services, which supports his fashion house, also oversees the nation's laundries, shoe and clothing repair shops and public baths. Until recently, ''the Saint Laurent of the Steppes,'' as he has been dubbed by admirers and detracters alike, had to fit his designs on a dressmaker's dummy dating from World War II.

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